Why Linnaeus and the Lamppost?


The first part of the name came from the Father of Taxonomy, Carl Linnaeus (also known as Carolus Linnaeus and Carl von Linne). He was a well-rounded scientist of the eighteenth century– a botanist, zoologist, and an explorer–and he developed the binomial nomenclature system that we use to name species today. Though he was proficient in a variety of disciplines, he is best known for his expertise in biological fields. Since this blog will always have a biology slant, he seems to be an appropriate figure. Besides a nod to a great naturalist, the name also reflects a bit of my (Maria’s) Swedish heritage, as Linnaeus was himself from Sweden.


The Linnaeus house in Uppsala, Sweden (I’ve been there!) Wikimedia Commons

The Lamppost

Psalm 119:105 “Your word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.”

What does a lamp do? It illuminates, it shares light, it reveals truth in darkness. If I can share a bit of what my faith looks like through my wonder of the natural world, then I will consider my efforts a success. Plus…there was a lamppost in Narnia.


Mr. Tumnus?